Aaron's night: As part of this Entertainers for Miracles event, Dave helped to raise money for a local high school student fighting leukemia. Great entertainment, a bake sale, auctions and much more. Master of ceremonies in the variety show.

David's first appearance on a DVD. The International Juggler‚s Association puts his master of ceremonies work on their "highlights of the festival" 2004 DVD.

Script used on the Valentine's Day edition of MPR's "The Morning Show" with Jim Ed and Dale on 89.3 the current. (And again on April 13th with the premier of the "Big House Tax Service.")

Upcoming comedy writing classes in summer and fall:
Two Summer workshops

  • The Loft on July 27, 2005 http://www.loft.org/classbwork.html
  • One 4-day special Comedy Writers workshop for performers during the IJA festival in Davenport Iowa. (July 19-22)

Fall classes being finalized...


2004 highlights

Circus Juventas Gala Fund raiser: David helped this St. Paul Circus school raise over $40,000 for their operating funds. A fun night with a pirate theme, there was a silent auction, a live circus performance, great food, and many surprises. Appeared as Governor Walbridge, the ring master of ceremonies.

Noah's night: First Entertainers for Miracles event. A community fund raiser to raise money to help Noah, a very small clown, fight cancer.

Becker County Fair in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Three shows in one afternoon!

Workshop director, Auctioneer and Host (emcee) for the Single Prop competition in Buffalo new York at the International Jugglers‚ Association convention there.

Taught a 6 day workshop on comedy and humor writing at Camp Unistar, a family camp in northern Minnesota. Students included teens, youth, adults and ministers. Fun!

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. The Big Fun Show! Entertaining in the sculpture garden as part of the Spectacular Vernacular !

The Associated Ad Agency in Wichita, Kansas hires the Big Fun Show! to teach three classes for its employees and to perform three different shows. Included Mississippi Pete, the semi-reformed con man and river boat gambler. Their move to new corporate headquarters is a great success!

"Twenty-one Years in Juggling" published in Juggle magazine. The second in a series of articles by David covering the lessons learned from his life as a juggler, teacher, show producer and parent.


2003 Highlights

Published in A View from the Loft, the magazine of the Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis.

American Youth Circus Organization holds their national conference in St. Paul -- Dave teaches a class for them on developing a circus act.

Second Loft Comedy writing workshop.

"Twenty Years in Juggling" published in Juggle magazine.


2002 Highlights

Series of radio sketches on KSJN parodying the massive media coverage of the Salt Lake Winter Olympics.

Taught first Loft class, a 2- hour workshop on comedy writing. It was very popular, energetic and well received.


2001 Highlights

Garrison Keillor buys two scripts for his Prairie Home Companion shows. Dave celebrates!

Comedy Writing workshop taught at the IJA national festival in Madison.


2000 Highlights

Minnesota Renaissance Festival awards David the "Best New Act" award for an original stage show. This comedy mind-reading show ("The Rogue Mystic") later becomes the centerpiece of his after-dinner speaking and corporate show work.


1999 Highlights

A Prairie Home Companion joke show fame! This public radio show uses one of Dave's original jokes --see "Pete Walbridge" on http://prairiehome.publicradio.org/features/hodgepodge/19990410_jokeshow/jokes/0315_8.htm


1997 Highlights

"Beyond the Pocket Knife" article published in Backpacker magazine. A review of pocket-sized multi-tools like the leatherman, Swiss Army knife and other pliers/ knife combinations for backpacking and hiking applications. Getting this article published is now part of Dave's talk on creativity.


1993 Highlights

Fargo, North Dakota. Hosted the Juniors championship stage competition as the master of ceremonies.


1989 Highlights

Mondo Jugglefest is founded. Now 16 festivals (and counting) later, this juggling, unicyling, yo-yoing and circus arts festival has become one of the largest in the US. Dave helps plan and produce the shows, perform and teach workshops for this annual event.

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